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TexAgave® Blue Agave Spirits


Make your margarita with the liquor made in Texas!™  80 proof (40% ABV) TexAgave is your blue agave option for a delicious and HONESTLY Texas margarita. Tropical aroma, milder and less rustic than its very distant cousin.

Leanderthal Vodka®


Distilled from corn, and filtered through staggering amounts of activated carbon, this 80 proof (40% ABV), is crafted to drink easily and priced to sell.  Like the residents of Leander, this vodka is...Ironically sophisticated.™

Triple Secession® Texas Orange Liqueur


Texas's first 82 proof (41% ABV) Triple Sec. All natural orange flavor (nothing artificial) and sweetened with real, pure cane sugar.  Compare it to hard-to-pronounce premium French brands...at a fraction of the price.

TexAgave® Texas Triple Sec™


This 15% ABV mixing Triple Sec along with TexAgave BAS makes the first and only Texas made margarita duo. Making a big batch of margaritas for guests and don't want the high alcohol of Triple Secession?  Use this.