If you're not 21+, there's nothing here for you. Not even a t-shirt. Beat it, kid.

Our Advertised Guarantee


If you heard our Money-back Guarantee radio ad...

Or even if you didn't, here's the deal:  If you bought a bottle of TexAgave on May 4th or 5th, lucky you!  You get to try TexAgave risk-free.  Make yourself a margarita with TexAgave Blue Agave Spirits.  If you're not satisfied, do this:

1. Call the distillery at (512) 697-9127 within 30 days and ask for Scott, the owner.  (Or you can send us an email using the form on our home page...but phone will be faster.

2. We will make arrangements for you to bring the unused portion to the distillery within 30 days and Scott will refund your money out of his own pocket.

IMPORTANT:  Do NOT try to return anything to the retailer. They will look at you like you have two heads and they will NOT be able to help you.  By law, refunds must happen at the distillery.

Do NOT transport an open container in the cabin of your vehicle.  Put it in the trunk or somewhere otherwise inaccessible to the passenger compartment.  We are NOT responsibile for any failure to obeserve Texas open container laws.

Do NOT bring us anything that isn't the original product at its original proof.  In addition to our tastebuds and noses, we have lab equipment that will be able to tell.

Do NOT bring us like a half inch left in the bottom of the bottle. Scott will probably still refund your money but he will also relentlessly chide you for taking advantage of a small business for single bottle of its lovingly produced booze.

Do NOT bring us anything if you have recently consumed any alcohol. Don't drive at all. (This really should go without saying.)

Also, the guarantee is limited to one bottle of TexAgave per household and one bottle per receipt.

We wish we could just say, "Use your best judgement because we totally trust you" and do away with all these terms and conditions.  But you know how one bad apple can ruin it for the whole bunch, right?

But really, we don't think you're going to return anything.  The milder and less rustic aroma and flavor of TexAgave makes a margarita that is hard to resist!  So we suspect you'll be enjoying more after your first bottle.